Mission & Vision


Medical Intertrade d.o.o. carries out all requests of business partners by applying a unique approach, adapted to individual partners̕ needs. All processes are implemented for the benefit of the social community whose needs are one of the guiding factors for our development. We take care that our impact is positive on the environment in which we act, all in line with the current efforts of its preservation. Further development is encouraged while respecting all regulations that form the foundation for all business activities.


Our efforts are directed towards creating innovative business trends within a modern wholesale company in the health sector while continuously upgrading the quality of our service by putting emphasis on the professional approach towards customers of medical services, all with the goal of improving expert ethics in general.

We wish to achieve and maintain the highest level of business practice by encouraging team work among employees, by investing into development of employee potentials and by implementing new knowledge and technologies in everyday work and company management.