One sorrowful month has passed since

Radwan Joukhadar, MPharm, MSc

left us forever.

In my pain, I am touched deeply by the support and expressions of condolences and consolation of relatives, friends, employees, business partners, and all those on whom he left an impression with his nobility and life philosophy. I wish to express special thanks to the staff of the University Hospital for Tumours for the care and attention dedicated to his treatment and the last moments of his earthly life. I would also like to thank everyone who made the last farewell and commemoration dignified with flowers, candles, or their arrival. Special thanks go to the speakers at the funeral and commemoration ceremony for warm words describing his challenging life path and achievements and bidding him a final farewell. Thanks to the singers and musicians who connected both of his beloved homelands by songs.

His humanity and achievements have left an indelible impression on society and our hearts.

On behalf of family, employees, and myself,

With gratitude,

Jasenka Joukhadar